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Samsung introduces the Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note10

At an event in New York City like so many such launches, mickey mouse x5816 coque samsung galaxy s8 1coques8samsung5548 by leaks announcing two new Galaxy Note models. The Galaxy Note10, whose name marks it as the successor to last year Galaxy Note9, actually has a slightly smaller screen: 6.3 vs. the Note9 6.4 with lower resolution. At $950, it also 50 bucks cheaper.

But Samsung hasn given up on the Note line traditional emphasis on upping its technological ante each year. It just created a new model Galaxy Note 10+ feels like the real successor to coque ferrari iphone 6 sushicube33580 the Note9. The ginormous Note 10+ has star wars yoda grammar z4513 iphone 6 plus 6s plus coque goldufoa15553 the biggest ever Galaxy Note display at 6.8 bleach ichigo hollow z4239 iphone xr coque goldufoa3555 a few extra features (including a fancier rear camera system, more RAM, and a memory card slot), and a starting price of $1,100, $100 more than last year Note9. The Note10+ will also be available in a 5G model, initially a Verizon exclusive.

The do everything spirit of the Galaxy Note remains intact. It just that the new Note10 caters to people who might find the Note10+ a coque iphone 6s 3d model sushicube32522 tad too large for their hands, or too expensive for their budget. Both models will be available for preorder (in multiple colors) starting on August 8, and available in stores on August 23.

From S10 to Note10As you would expect, the two new Note models pick up on some of the features, technologies, and design flourishes from Samsung latest Galaxy S10 models, which debuted in February. (They followed a similar strategy of stratification, with S10e, S10, and S10+ models at three price points.) Most strikingly, the Note10 and 10+ both have the Super AMOLED displays that Samsung calls Infinity O, which stretch from edge to edge on the sides and nearly so on the top and bottom. They are made possible in part because the phones have fingerprint sensors embedded in the screens geometric iceberg coque samsung s10 antens102023173 (a feature kansas city royals z7160 iphone xs max coque goldufoa9887 rumored to be coming to future iPhones). This new design makes the phones reasonably hand friendly given their big screens the 6.8 Note10+ is only slightly wider than last year 6.4 Note9, but it also a skosh thinner.

[Photo: courtesy of Samsung]Rather than accommodating their front cameras with an iPhone X style notch, the Galaxy S10 models had a punch island near frozen ii w9340 coque samsung galaxy s8 1coques8samsung543 the screen upper right hand corner. With the Galaxy Note10 phones, Samsung shrank the punch to a small iron man typography z4380 iphone x xs coque goldufoa9221 circle and centered it along the top for a meaningfully more elegant look. This required a bit of technological sacrifice: The Note10 and 10+ front facing cameras have smaller maximum apertures than the S10 models and lack the S10 and S10+ background blurring RGB camera.

Both new Notes offer the Wireless PowerShare feature introduced in sonix coque iphone 6 cactus coqueiphone126237 the Galaxy S10 phones, allowing you to charge Qi compatible devices (such as the Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Buds, or even an iPhone) by touching them to the back of the Note. The Galaxy Note10+ also has the fastest charging of any Note model to date; Samsung says it can run for a full day on a 30 minute charge. (You will need to provide your own 45W charger to accomplish that.)

After mocking Apple for ditching the 3.5 mm headphone jack with the iPhone X sticking with that jack even in this year Galaxy S10 models has decided that the headphone jack is dispensable after all. The new Note models eliminate puzzle bone coque samsung s10 antens102022494 it and come with USB C earbuds in the box. They also skip black design p1021 coque samsung galaxy s8 1coques8samsung8904 the dedicated button for Samsung clunky, redundant Bixby AI assistant, though you can summon it by holding down the power button. (The Samsung executives who briefed me about the new Notes did not mention Bixby, suggesting that the company zest for competing with Siri and the Google Assistant may be flagging.)

Samsung has streamlined the S Pen a bit, removing a seam from captain shazam superhero logo y0649 coque samsung galaxy s8 1coques8samsung7228 the previous design for a comfier feel. As with last year Note9, the Note10, and the Note10+, the new S Pen is not only a stylus but a tiny remote control you can use for tasks such as taking photos or flipping through slide shows. Samsung has given the S Pen sensors that let you perform feats such as controlling the music player by waving the stylus like a miniature baton. It also beefed up the phone handwriting gear beast coque iphone 6 review coque7iphone20878 recognition, allowing you to jot notes and paragon coque samsung s10 antens102028844 then bring them into Microsoft Word as editable text. Then there AR Doodle, which lets you draw shapes on top of video a hat for a friend move in 3D space.

[Photo: Harry McCracken]Like other recent Samsung phones and tablets, the Note10 and Note10+ work with DeX, a Samsung technology that lets you connect them to a large screen and then use them in a PC like mode with floating windows and support for an external keyboard and mouse. serotonin molecule coque iphone 6 coqueiphone134264 New this time around is the option to hook your phone up to a Windows or Mac laptop via USB C cable hex camo coque iphone 6 coqueiphone127250 and then use the DeX interface inside Windows or macOS option that might be handy for jobs such as dragging photos back and forth between phone and computer.

Videographers and gamers continue to be core constituents for the Note line. The new models introduce a background blurring feature that works with video capture as well as still imagery and can reduce unwanted background noise. They also have the thinnest version yet of the vapor cooling system that designed to boost the performance of high end games.

[Photo: courtesy of Samsung]Once upon a time, the fact that Samsung offered both Galaxy S and Galaxy Note phones gave it twin flagships. Galaxy S models competed directly with other premium Android coque iphone 6 brandsd coque7iphone17222 smartphones and the iPhone, while the Galaxy Note aspired to carve off its own ultrapremium space in the market. Over time, as Galaxy S models have gotten larger and posher, the two lines have bumped up against each other more. Now Samsung will have a total all time low dear maria l1206 coque samsung galaxy s8 1coques8samsung2207 of eight Galaxy S and Note versions the 5G models the overlap will be greater than ever. That will require consumers to puzzle out which model is best for them, a decision that involves screen sizes, price tags, and whether the Note S Pen looks like a killer feature or a needless frippery.

Samsung has a history of being willing to revise its menu of models rather than stick with one predictable lineup such as the slightly sexier Galaxy Edge models have come and gone over the years. At some point in the not terribly distant future, 5G will be a standard feature, eliminating the need for special 5G versions. Whether the world needs quite so many other Galaxys at quite so many price points remains to be seen. But having spent some brief hands on time with both the Note10 and Note10+, I would choose the more compact 10 over its seam straining sibling means that I glad that Samsung rethought the traditional Note trajectory for this year phones.

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