Coffee has these positive effects

Coffee has these positive effects

So far healthy thujas should be left in the garden. So they can still do their job as a windbreak.

Is it true that hedges in the garden – if they are optimally placed – can reduce evaporation and increase soil moisture?

Hedges can increase moisture in the ground, but also in the air, or last longer if they are planted in the main wind direction. This reduces a large part of the wind power. It can no longer transport away as much air humidity and soil moisture. This is good for the plants in the garden that are not so drought tolerant.

Cornelian cherry (Cornus mas): The wild fruits are tasted by birds and people. (Source: blickwinkel / imago images)

What is the best season of the year to plant hedge in times of climate crisis? Is it still the months of March and April and October and November?

Yes, basically that’s still true. Nevertheless, trees should be planted in autumn, when it is frost-free. Then most of the moisture is still in the soil. Because the spring is getting drier, not to mention the summers. This is where the plants suffer most from stress. In autumn and winter, on the other hand, they can develop fine roots and establish themselves at the site so that they can start well in spring.

German garden owners are mostly regarded as hedge fetishists who often and gladly pull out the scissors. Is less often more here?

The Federal Nature Conservation Act stipulates that hedges may not be cut from March 1st to September 30th. However, light maintenance cuts are allowed. We at Nabu recommend that hedges should not be touched at all during this time, i.e. should not be tended. Because even outside of the breeding season in spring, there are insects, birds and other small mammals. If you want to protect them, then you just leave the hedge alone during this time and wait until after September to cut it.

Marja Rottleb: "A cherry laurel hedge is still better than a gravel garden" (Source: Nabu / Wolfgang Siesing)

But what do you do when hedges that have grown too wide and too high next to footpaths call the public order office or the gardening association to the scene?

Yes, traffic safety comes first. But wherever it is possible, for example if you have a garden in which a hedge borders a dirt road and does not disturb anyone there, you should definitely let the hedge grow and cut as little as possible.

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If you give the hedge a little more time to grow and give the birds and insects a retreat, a lot has already been done for biodiversity.

Thank you for talking to us, Ms. Rottleb.

Sources used: Telephone interview from August 4, 2020

Essen (dpa) – The corona crisis has given the parlor game industry a powerful boost – and in two directions.

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Leisure time activities, which are comparatively suitable for a pandemic, from card and role to board and family games are booming again in 2020 than in previous years. At the same time, the comparatively analog world of game fans has made a significant leap into the digital: online platforms for board games are more popular than ever and the international consumer fair is also due to the corona "game", which otherwise attracts up to 200,000 gaming enthusiasts to Essen and is considered the world’s largest happening of its kind.

The online version is especially vital for many small game publishers, says Dominique Metzler from the organizer Friedhelm Merz Verlag at the presentation of the program on Monday. The four-day event starts on Thursday "Game.digital" – In spite of all efforts to incorporate interactive elements, an admittedly tough replacement for the lively event, where otherwise game fans crowd around the gaming tables. Many smaller and micro publishers in particular generate their annual turnover in Essen.

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And yet one is proud of what has remained after the face-to-face event has been canceled: a digital trade fair presence at which 450 exhibitors from 41 nations present 1,400 new products – including many from very far away, for example from Nigeria or Latin America.argumentative essay setup The elimination of travel costs and times makes it possible. In the four days with live streams in many different languages ​​and virtual gaming tables, many hits from abroad are expected. "The game has always been international, but this time it’s only a few clicks for fans from Korea or the USA"says Metzler.

The entire industry is actually clearly one of the beneficiaries of the crisis with its range of products: In the isolation and lack of entertainment alternatives, many families and game friends have refilled their cupboards. So far, with a 21 percent increase in sales, the industry has once again clearly outstripped the positive development of recent years, as reported by the industry association for games publishers. Even after the lockdown, the boom continues: "At a time when going on vacation is not so popular, many people play games"says the chairman of the association, Hermann Hutter. But not everyone has reason to cheer: According to Hutter, the specialist trade in particular suffered losses of around 11 percent. The cancellation of many trade fairs, games meetings and clubs is also painful for frequent gamers and publishers.

And so the long-growing digital community of the "Board gamer" Inevitably come into focus: In countless YouTube clips, the influencers of the scene have long been providing information about their favorite games, while others have been blogging for decades about insider tips or the latest additions to the classic. Platforms that simulate game night online, such as "tabletopia" or "Board game arena".

"The crisis has catapulted us into a new dimension"says Gregory Isabelli, the French founder of Board Game Arena, who claims to be the largest digital gaming table in the world with four and a half million members. The website makes it possible to play a huge range of classic games to new products with other users on the PC. When the world went into lockdown, the number of hits increased tenfold in just a few days and completely new target groups had been opened up, he says. "Suddenly our grandmother was playing with her grandchildren"says Isabelli. About half of the new users stayed.

The crisis is also a wake-up call for many game publishers to set themselves up more digitally – if the resources allow it, says trade fair organizer Metzler. The large German publisher Pegasus Spiele is a pioneer: "The industry is a little more conservative and many opportunities have been left untapped", says its spokesman Peter Berneiser. After all, the strength of the game is the ability to experience emotions, and being able to touch things is also important. "But these analogue strengths by no means exclude digital"he emphasizes. The publisher has now significantly expanded its digital offerings: There were digital games, online training for specialist dealers and a virtual ideas competition for authors. With great success: they were able to achieve a greater range in all areas. "Most of the digital measures that have now been created will last"says Berneiser, "as a good addition, not a permanent replacement."

This is how the makers of the games want to keep it in the future: The digital should create additional access, the core remains real experience. "It’s just something different whether you sit across from each other or not. That will always be what makes playing so attractive"Metzler is convinced.

Germans love coffee. Every German citizen consumes around 162 liters per year on average. But what happens to the residue in the filter? Coffee grounds are not rubbish, but valuable household and care products.


1. Pest Control2. Fertilizer 3. Odor neutralizer 4. Skin peeling 5. Abrasives

The coffee grounds are seldom used, but they are a valuable raw material for applications in the house, in the garden and in cosmetics. You can take it from all coffee machines: directly from the filter, or you can cut open the pad and capsule.

1. Pesticides

Pest control: In the garden, coffee grounds help against snails and co. (Source: MonthiraYodtiwong / Getty Images)

Coffee has these positive effects
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A little coffee grounds in the potting soil should keep pests away and even repel snails. The same applies to vole and mole. Earthworms, on the other hand, as sought-after soil beneficiaries, lures coffee grounds into the compost heap, where they promote rotting.

Cold coffee infusion is good against fungus gnats. To do this, 100 milliliters of coffee are diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1 and put into the plant pot. The larvae of the fungus gnat then die. 

In the event of an aphid infestation, you can spray the diluted coffee infusion onto the affected parts of the plant. 

2. Fertilizer

Coffee grounds: Coffee is a valued fertilizer for the plants in the room and in the garden.

Coffee is a valued fertilizer. Work about two handfuls of dried coffee grounds per plant into the soil. Alternatively, you can put it on top of the compost. There it rots with other green waste to form valuable fertilizer and soil.

Tip: With this option, make sure that the coffee grounds do not contain any mold spores. Otherwise these can spread in the pot and cannot be removed. If you want to use the leftovers as fertilizer, make sure that the collecting container is cleaned daily. It is best to also dry the coffee grounds on a flat plate and only then use them as fertilizer.

3. Odor neutralizer

Odor neutralizer: Coffee grounds help against bad smells in the refrigerator. (Source: AndreyPopov / Getty Images)

Many hotels and open-plan offices have bowls of ground coffee or whole coffee beans. It’s also worth doing at home in the fridge and in the garbage can. Because coffee neutralizes unpleasant odors.

Coffee also helps against cooking smells on the hands. Simply massage the coffee grounds into the dampened skin.

4. Skin peeling

Beauty use: Coffee grounds can also be used as a peeling. (Source: artursfoto / Getty Images)

You can take the coffee grounds from the morning with you into the bathroom and use it as a peeling for the skin. You can do it pure or with a little honey or olive oil as an additive. Sugar enhances the peeling effect. You can use the mixture to massage the moistened facial skin, for example.

Or you can apply the mixture to your legs and trunk in circular movements and rinse it off lukewarm in the shower after a short exposure. The caffeine is said to stimulate blood circulation and make the skin look rosier and a little firmer. Added oil also makes them soft and supple.

5. Abrasives

Cleaning agents: Coffee grounds can also be used as a substitute for abrasives. (Source: springtime78 / Getty Images)

Coffee grounds are an alternative and natural abrasive for cleaning and rinsing. It can also give the grill grate a shine again when it has become matt.

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Coffee grounds are particularly useful for cleaning the inside of vases, which are difficult to reach with rags: add them with some warm water, close the opening and shake the container vigorously. Then rinse. By the way, grains of rice are a good alternative.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Whether as a help against a sore throat or for a spicy kick when cooking: Ginger’s popularity increases especially when it gets colder outside. And there is a simple trick for peeling the root.

Fresh ginger brings spiciness to food, but also to drinks. But peeling the small tuber is not that easy. It’s quick with a knife, but with the shell, large parts of the valuable interior of the roots also disappear. 

How that is not completely wasted or how you can peel the ginger more carefully and completely without a knife, see the video above – or you can access it here.

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The instructions are part of a video series from t-online. In it, we show you vivid tips and tricks every week – close to life and straight from your everyday life.</i

Sources used: Contribution by Bitprojects

Oldenburg (dpa) – to get boys and girls excited about reading – that is the aim of the Oldenburg children’s and youth book fair Kibum. Since Saturday, reading fans big and small have been able to get to know numerous new publications and authors for more than a week.